Monday, 17 November 2008

The One That Will Not Be Opting Out. . .

Oh, this is easy. What a bloody giveaway.

OK, my view; when the Grim Reaper comes calling, I will be seriously pissed off if any useable body parts of mine aren't given to someone who could do with them. Mrs. Snowolf's mother is a transplant patient so I'm well aware how amazing a thing it is to get a second chance.

So, you'd think I was all in favour of presumed consent, wouldn't you?

But I'm not. This is yet another example of how people's personal choices are swept away to fall into line with the beliefs of others. I would not think well of anyone who refused permission for their next of kin's organs to be used to someone else's benefit when they shuffle off this mortal coil. Let's face facts, the dead person isn't going to be needing their kidneys any more. However the crux of the matter is that these organs are not the state's to take. I detest the arrogance of people who demand that these organs be taken.

We've seen a steady stream of parents of young children awaiting, recently received or tragically passed away for the want of donated organs on TV today. This is emotional blackmail. I completely support the idea of organ transplant and feel that hospital staff should be unafraid to ask greiving relatives 'please, will you give us permission to take your husband's/wife's/son's/daughter's/mother's/father's organs to stop someone else going through what you are now experiencing?'

But to presume it is acceptable just to take them is the worst sort of theft. What is the difference between this and the Alder Hey scandal? Will the burden of proof be on the relatives? Will they have to demonstrate that the recently departed did not want their insides taking away?

It is another example of New Labour imposing their will on everybody else. Don't want to donate your organs? Look at this little boy, he's going to die because of you, you are detestable. Your views are irrelevant. We have spoken. You will comply.

Of course it isn't just Labour that are capable of this conformist arrogance, the Tories are just as bad.

Days after (rightly) lambasting Gordon Brown for using the case of 'Baby P' to score political points, Iain Duncan-Smith does just that to forward his own agenda.

The inference is that Baby P has ended up dead because his parents weren't married.

Oh for crying out fucking loud. HELLO? HELLO? IS ANYONE LISTENING? It doesn't fucking matter. IDS then goes on to trot out a load of meaningless stats with no context that goes to suggest that kids in one parent families are lucky, frankly, to escape with their lives.

I lost my father when I was at primary school and was brought up in a one parent family. My mother worked hard (a nurse), was unstinting in her efforts to bring me and my brother up, faced enormous challenges when the death of our remaining grandparents in quick succession removed the support network, showed us boundless love and we got through it. It wasn't easy, but we did it, and I never, not once saw a social worker. It just wasn't needed.

Don't you dare give me that shit that child abuse happens because people aren't married, you detestable little fuck-bubble, it happens because people are rewarded for having children they are not equipped to deal with and have money thrown at them. Well it isn't money you need, my mother proved that, it is fortitude and a practical outlook on life, but you can't buy that.

But no, we must do as we are told. We must fall in line with their beliefs. They know best, they must do, they've been elected to office, it qualifies them to know everything about everything, but makes them responsible for fuck all, if it all goes wrong.

IDS wants marriage to be encouraged, divorce made harder. He wants laws to make 'informal' relationships difficult and marriage preperation classes get official sanction.

Well, who the fuck are you? What do you know? Nothing.

Whilst I was undergoing a childhood of single parentism, around the corner from me were two boys, the same age as my brother and I, their parents detested each other and the atmosphere in their house was so hostile, it was almost tangible. They stayed married, but effectively seperated in the same house, for the good of the children. The result? Two young lads incapable of building proper relationships, totally dysfunctional with huge (and possibly dangerous) psychological flaws, completely incapable of coping with life. Two adults full of hate, resentment and bitterness. Four lives seriously damaged.

Don't you dare try and impose your values on me, they are meaningless and have no value whatsoever.

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