Wednesday, 12 November 2008

The One That Thinks He Should Have His Hands Chopped Off. . .

A corrupt, theiving, unprincipled bastard, with no shame or concern for anyone but himself, earlier today.

It would appear that in this modern age of politicians lording it over us and treating us with disdain as if we were irrelevant serfs, you can still go too far.

And Densmore 'Den' Dover, the Conservative MEP for North West England is to be given his marching orders after spunking £500,000 of taxpayer's cash (that cash was taken from me and you, by the way) on his family and being ordered to repay it.

Obviously a cool half mil is too much to laugh off or sneer off.

What a twat, look at him there in that fucking awful suit with that shit eating grin. That, my friends, is a face that the house brick was invented for.

You'd have thought he'd have done the decent thing and resigned. Actually, no, you wouldn't, it probably didn't even occur to the unprincipled fucktard, he's probably trying to find a way to reclaim it on expenses.

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Call me Infidel said...

Den Dover? Shureley shome mishtake? Ben Dover and take it up the ass as far as his constituents are concerned. A candidate for a good tar and feathering I feel.