Friday, 28 November 2008

The One That Is Shouting 'They Are Coming To Get You!'. . .

Well, I wrote yesterday about my connections with the fair town of Ashford. First it comes into the news because Clarkson unleashes his fury about the ridiculous 'shared space' scheme, and now the town is catapulted squarely into the headlines as local MP Damian Green has been arrested, for, well, as far as I can see, doing his job.

I have had cause to come across Damian Green on several occasions, and on every occasion I have found him to be a decent person. He has come out to bat for his constituents against the (Tory) local council on a couple of occasions and seen them off. He has broken with protocol to speak out on political issues which should be the preserve of the council, and he's been right to do so. He is that rarest of creatures, a front-bencher who is a good constituency MP. I've always found him to be a man of his word, I trust him a damn sight more than the vast majority of the other buggers in the House. OK, he's a Tory, but nobody's perfect.

So he seems to be involved in the release of details about the widespread employment of illegal immigrants in the 'security' (bouncer) industry. If that is the case, he was right to be so.

He seems to be involved in the release of details about the employment of an illegal as a cleaner in the House. If that is the case, he was right to be so.

He seems to be involved in the release of details about Labour rebels voting against 42 days. If that is the case, he was right to be so.

He seems to be involved in the release of details about a letter sent by the Home Secretary warning that a recession could lead to an increase in crime. If that is the case, he was right to do so.

That last point is the real indicator. He's pissed off Jacqui Smith. She's come to get him. She doesn't care. Fuck me.


If she's so brazen about going after a front bench MP, she'll not give a flying fuck about coming after me and you. Thank the Lord she's defending a majority of only 2,716.

This is Trotsky, dead in a Mexico City hotel room. This is the Star Chamber, silencing sedition. This is Charles I, kicking down the doors to Parliament.

This is also a declaration of war, against the practices of the House, against all parties in opposition and against anyone who dares to ask what is being done in their name.

I'd love to know what was said to the Magistrate to grant these search warrants. I'd love to know how far up the food chain the person was leaning on him or her to authorise the warrant. Justice Secretary? Home Secretary? Lord Chancellor? Prime Minister?

Am I being cynical? Is this a concerted effort to discredit all parties? First the BNP, now this, I hope the LimpDems, SNP, Plaid and UKIP are looking over their shoulders.

Opposition politicians. Enemies of the State.

Stalin, Mugabe, Brown, Mao, Hoxha.

Doesn't the name sit nicely in that list?

Cameron, pull your bloody head out of your bloody arse and make a fucking fuss, won't you? I am more than a little scared now.


The Refuser said...

There are times when I think surely this can't be happening? This is Britain we don't do national socialism. However week after week the outrages just keep piling up. They can't be allowed to get away with this. Some years ago a friend of mine who was not British told me that the trouble with the English is they put up with anything. The old "mustn't grumble approach. Well the time is approaching where I think the populace will snap. Oh and by the way you left someone off your list Caeucescu.

Dungeekin said...

This is, I think, the final act.

The Brown Regime (I will no longer grace this Junta with the respectable word 'Government') have finally stooped to the level so many of us feared.

They have finally made their first political arrest, using a politicised Police force to repress legitimate political Opposition.

After everything else - all the other attacks on our rights, freedoms and civil liberties - I think we can safely say that British Freedom died on 27 November 2008, aged 797. Obituary at

Next step - the Civil Contingencies Act and 'President-for-Life' Brown.


USpace said...

If Labour and the Tories would just be sensible and honest about immigration policies and problems, then non-racist Brits simply concerned with Britain would not be driven to the only party concerned about immigration problems, the BNP; most of whose members are NOT 'fascists' or 'racists'.

Gordon Brown is clearly a fascist wannabe, and it would be even worse for Boris Johnson to have been privy to this. Hopefully most people will hear about this.
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