Monday, 3 November 2008

The One That Is Looking For Pitchforks And Flaming Torches. . .

This story has already been touched on at the LPUK Blog.

Of course there's no dumbing down in the UK. They just don't want to confuse the plebs. (Oh, hang on, that might be Latin.)

I'm not normally driven to feelings of violence, but things like this have me looking for flaming torches, pitch forks and other items of an agricultural bent. (Ah, I think agricultural might have a Latin root.)

I see the spokesperson for Bournemouth Council has remained anon. (Ooops. I think that might be Latin as well. It's not easy, is it?), good job too, I'd be keeping a low profile if I'd driven people to the edge of homicide. (Bollocks, I've done it again!)

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