Wednesday, 5 November 2008

The One That Knows Who He Is. . .

It was very nice to meet a good number of very decent people before, during and after the little walk today. It was quite bizarre, I don't think anyone knew more than two people and yet we all got along famously.

I don't think any of us had done anything like this before, we were, in the majority, political virgins, driven to do something because we despaired of the situation in which we find ourselves. Our group today included the self employed, high level managers, public school educated people, civil servants and the unemployed. Up until earlier this year, I didn't know about Libertarianism. Had you mentioned it to me, I would have given you a blank look. I knew bloody well what I wasn't - I wasn't one of them. I certainly wasn't Labour, I'd had a brief fling with the Limp Dems as a teen, but fairly quickly figured out that it really wasn't for me, the Tories? I agreed with a degree of what they said, but it was dwarfed by that which I disagreed with. I suppose it is like choosing execution by stoning, crucifixion or poison. I'd choose poison, because at least you'd get some grub.

It was Mac The Knife who pointed me towards the Libertarians, and thank Christ he did, because I saw what they had to say and was relieved. As one of our number said today, 'for so long I was shouting at the TV - I can't be the only person in the world who feels this way - and the feeling when you realise you aren't is marvellous'. It is all down to the blogosphere, so for Hazel 'Nuts' Blears to say this, is Grade A, export quality, Taste The Difference Bullshit.

I am NOT a self appointed political class, no-one is forcing you to read this. I AM AN ORDINARY PERSON. I have been empowered by this fantastic tool, and realise that I am not alone, even if our number is small. The reason Hazel doesn't like it, is because we do not espouse her philosophy, we must therefore be silenced.

Now, a state which silences people who hold a contrary view to theirs, stops and searches people walking down the street for no apparently good reason and treats every member of the population as a potential criminal, has a name. Would anyone care to venture what that name is?

Hazel says that "Politics needs "more people who know what it is to worry about the rent collector's knock, or the fear of lay-off." She's been a solicitor or an MP for the last 30 years, so I'm guessing it's been a while since the landlord's goons have come calling to her for cash in a menacing fashion. Indeed, from where I sit, she looks like one of those goons.


Stuart said...

Beautifully put. Count me in for any future events and any drinks planned.

In the years to come, we can say "We were there"!

Anonymous said...

Hi Snowolf,

Nice to meet you. Feel free to use any of the videos and photos from my blog.

I hope I can make the next one and I hope we do better with the numbers. Somehow I think we will.