Tuesday, 4 November 2008

The One That Is Singing 'Val Da Ree, Val Da Raa' . . .

The ticket has been bought, in cash, this morning. The wallet has been emptied of everything excepting a little pocket money, the mobile phone will be left sat on the TV at home.

No apologies for plugging this again.

Yes, tomorrow is the (first annual?) Old Holborn walk. The man himself will be in the Chandos pub on St. Martins Lane from 11am. I shall be arriving in the area very shortly afterwards.

Many will be wearing costumes (no, not disguises, Nov 5th is one of the closest things we have to a national holiday and I for one see nothing wrong with people dressing up in celebration of the salvation of democracy), I shall not be in fancy dress, but will be made recognisable by wearing a T-shirt bearing the legend 'Snowolf'. That, or Wolfers, is my name. I'll be keeping this on a strict Reservoir Dogs basis.

To re-iterate; this is not a demonstration, nor a protest, or anti-social behaviour or an act of, or in preperation for, terrorism. We are merely walking down the road. There will be no banners, shouting or chanting. I have no intention of breaking the law regarding demonstrations, even if I do think it is bloody stupid.


SaltedSlug said...

What you said.

My costume just arrived this morning, might wear it on the bus down just to make everyone's day just a bit more surreal.

See you there.

Mac the Knife said...

Wrap up warm, and wear your clean underpants in case you get run over by an ARV... :)

Old Holborn said...

Just tried my full outfit out.

Boots, cloak, wig, black balacava, black armani suit, gauntlets, proper hat, proper belt and even put black stocking mesh over the inside of the mask so no fucker can see my eyes.

I'll be the one reading the times, with a rose on my table.

Remember, if searched (I expect to be), you do not have to to give them your name or address or any details at all. If asked to remove mask, tell them you are a Muslim woman. They have no right to remove your mask.

If nothing else, my kids are very proud and understand it needs to be done.

Snowolf said...

Ah, NOW I get it. This isn't a point making exercise at all, is it OH? You just like having stockings over your face!

You old deviant, I can't believe you've gone to these lengths to acheive this little thrill, but I've got to say, I'm impressed.

Kippers Dickie said...

Good luck to you all.
But....be careful not to get too close to each other.
They have lowered the limit on unlawful gatherings down from 20
to, would you believe, TWO.