Friday, 21 November 2008

The One That Is Going To Buy A Tin Helmet. . .

Leg-Iron wrote a truly astouding article on the drivellings of some Daily Mirror hack who has effectively called for radical groups to visit violence upon those who are members of the BNP. Indeed Leg-Iron is swiftly becoming one of the best writers out there. So good is he, that I expect to see him carted off in a police car for terror offences before long.

The gist of the article is that people like the moronic Brian Reade have been able to pick on vilified individuals like smokers, drinkers, the obese, Daniel O'Donnell fans, etc without any fear of reprisals as they are but individuals. There may be many like them, but they have no association. The problem begins when you incite violence against an organisation that has a good number of members and even more non-member supporters, they will respond in an organised fashion and it can only escalate. It is the few little stones slipping at the top of the mountain that results in the catastrophic avalanche at the bottom.

The little stones have slipped.

A car has been burned out on an estate (that apparently has no history of such activities) on a road, outside a house of one of those who was listed on the BNP membership document that was leaked.

- It is irrelevant that the car may not have belonged to a BNP member. It will have turned up the pressure a notch.

- It is irrelevant that those who set light to it may not be members of any black radical group. The real perpetrator is unlikely to identify themselves, the perception will be that it was someone who is a member of, or sympathetic to black radical groups. It will have turned up the pressure a notch.

- It is irrelevant that the person on this estate may have a wife, children, elderly relatives, now angry and fearful for their property and their lives. It will have turned up the pressure a notch.

- It is irrelevant that this guy's next door neighbour has seen his car torched, it doesn't belong to the BNP member. He now feels anger towards this anonymous group, whether they are responsible or not. The BNP recruiting Sergeant gets a new conscript without leaving his armchair. It will have turned up the pressure a notch.

- It is irrelevant that the person on this estate named on the BNP list may not even be a member of the BNP. We have no proof that the list is either accurate or genuine. If this has been brought about by some fifth column working in the party, who knows who they have stuck on the list to settle some personal vendetta. It will have turned up the pressure a notch.

Already those little stones are picking up snow, and we've only had one incident. All it takes tonight is some white bloke to get a thump outside a kebab shop and blame it on the 'coons or the pakis', all it takes tonight is some drunken lout who decides to pay his Asian taxi driver with a smack in the mouth rather than a tenner, and the stones pick up more snow. It doesn't matter that one is a liar and the other is an idiot, is it seen as reprisals or a concerted campaign, and it can only escalate.

Real, real danger of large scale civic disorder. The line between order and chaos is a micron thin. The electricity goes out and looting begins. The shops run out of bread and riots erupt. A white man gets stabbed by a black man, the next day three black men get shot by one white man. What next? A mini-van full of football supporters? A church choir on a bus? The church itself on a Sunday morning?

I watched Question Time last night and was aghast at the complacency of the 'established' parties. Saying they didn't want kids being politicised in the classroom, when they are putting Fabians in the classroom. Sneering as they consistently referred to the BNP as a 'legal' political party. Are there any illegal ones? Why? How can there be in a democracy? The inescapable feeling that they were just itching for an excuse to ban them.

Then who? UKIP? The Libertarians? The Socialist Workers? The Greens? That's them out of the way. Hmmmm, they still find Sinn Fein, UDP, Plaid Cymru and the SNP objectionable. They'll be got rid of. The Tories and Labour could get enough votes in the house to ban the Lib Dems, why not?

I despise the BNP and no doubt their members would find my political views reprehensible. The difference between us is that I appreciate the need for these people to be able to hold their views, no matter how strongly I disagree with them. I'm afraid I can't say the same for them.

But their popularity is easily explained. Take every election night as dinner time. Every dinner time you have a choice of spaghetti bolognese, or meatballs and pasta, or pasta in tomato sauce. Who wouldn't get fed up of it? Who wouldn't go and find something else to eat and try to order off menu?

BNP membership and voters are not the fault of the BNP and racists, they are the fault of the main political parties who will not listen, who will not react to the wishes of their constituents, who will continue to unthinkingly impose their will on the country because they have a 'mandate' and a 'common purpose.'

It was they who sat at the top of that mountain, and gave those little stones a kick without giving it a thought.


The Penguin said...

The Penguin

The Refuser said...

Penguin I was also thinking along the same lines, a decidedly sinister turn of events. I would like to hear both sides though, and I would like to know more about the leaflets being distributed. Just as well the average plod hasn't got his hands on the tasers yet or they would have the leaflet distributors doing break dances to the tune of 30,000 volts.

I can see the situation getting out of hand here if there are many more incidents like this. Brown is a deluded control freak. He and his arse licking cronies will brook no dissent to their master plan.