Friday, 21 November 2008

The One That Wants A Licence To Print Money . . .

I had to check the date. I can confirm it is the 21st November, not the 1st April.

I just can't help wondering how much taxpayer's money has been spanked on this vital bit of research.

'Our data suggests that for many babies today, life in a buggy is emotionally impoverished and possibly stressful.'

Life in a buggy is emotionally impoverished? What in the wide, wide world of sports is she talking about? Babies don't spend their lives in a buggy. Or at least babies that have parents with even the most basic understanding of parenting skills don't.

You see, the Righteous (TM Leg-Iron) are making excuses for the next generation already. It isn't your fault you are a simpleton thug with no social skills or ability to behave like a normal human being. It is the fault of your parents for walking down to the shops (where they were most likely going to buy cigarettes and alcohol) with you facing forwards. What chance did you have? We shall take care of you. All you need to do is report those who seek to hurt you further. Let us start with your parents, as they did this to you.

I love the last line:
Dr Zeedyk called for a larger scale study to be carried out so parents could make the best choice about their child's development.
I've run that through Google's language tools to translate it from public sector bullshit to a language we can all understand. It returned this:

Dr Zeedyk called for a larger pot of money so she could extend her fixed term contract and let everyone know that she has made the best choice about their child's development.

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