Friday, 7 November 2008

The One That Thinks The World Is Going Mad. . .

I pride myself on being a fairly erudite chap, sometimes the occasional naughty word crosses the screen here and that is normally through passion. However, sometimes my system needs a reboot because things just build up and do. . . not. . . . compute.

I wanted to post about these earlier, but I was unable to do so because all I could do was sit there, wide eyed, slack jawed pouring forth a stream of expletives.

I'm over it now.


Ok, I'm over it now. Old Holborn has pretty much covered what I was going to say, but in fairly contrasting fashions. It's been like bring your completely insane relative in to edit the news day in the media. I mean, there's spin and there's telling downright bloody lies.

90% of people in the UK are happy.

Really? Define happy? If it is 'happy at not quite living in some dystopian vision' then it probably is correct. However, I doubt the research question was 'are you happy living in a place that resembles something Orwell dreamed up after stubbing his toe catching his foreskin in his fly?' Fuck me, was the first question 'Would you like some laudanum before answering question two?'

Jacqui Smith keeps being asked by people if they can get their ID cards any sooner.

I'll accept that. Of course they are all Eritreans, Albanians and Iraqi. I'd like mine now, I want to to attach razor blades to the edges and stick it straight up her arse.

The government is very concerned that we have suitable entertainment for our pets.

Are there not slightly more pressing matters? For the love of God. Anyhow, it didn't work. I set up the Wii for little Wolfers to play Guitar Hero whilst I was out on the little walk. When I got back, she still hadn't got past the first song. So that was a waste of bloody time, wasn't it?

Hazel Blears thinks. . .

Now hang on, stay with me here, let's not dismiss that concept out of hand.

Hazel Blears thinks that it is a pretty poor show that some people think their views are just as valid as those of a Cabinet Minister. (H/T to Obo, but a real fisking linked to a bloody Lib Dem. How bad are things going get?)

. . . wha . . . fuc . . . cun . . . bit. . .

Oh bollocks to it. I'm going to hire a tank, any of you fancy going dutch on the diesel?

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