Monday, 17 November 2008

The One That Still Thinks They Are Thinking Of The Wrong Children . . .

What did I say the other day?

And now a report that a father spent the night in a cell after smacking his seven year old son once on the bottom for wandering away by himself in the dark.

Well what the fuck was he supposed to do? Shrug his shoulders and say 'well, he's old enough to make his own decisions'?

This just goes to show, it isn't about the welfare of children, it's about making sure that you can get all those nice stars on your annual departmental report. I think the Titanic was a 5 star vessel.

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Anonymous said...

Mines the one with the dent in the wall and the bloody forehead from smashing brick-wards for so long.

Long ago I lost the capacity to be flabbergasted at anything that goes on in our country....but this had the potential for new levels of sheer "wtf"-ness.

I think the problem we have apart from a complete lack reality by those in positions of power is that at the heart of this was once a good idea...that every child should matter and be protected. Unfortunately as usually happens with well meaning ideas they have been hashed, rehashed, kicked, audited and target-analysed to the extent that they bear no resemblance to the real world and those who are responsible for meeting the targets are too scared about paying their mortgages to rock the boat.

Not an excuse mind, just a view from where I am.


PS - Word veri: waykybaz