Thursday, 17 July 2008

The One That Thinks He Should Be Left At Home. . .

This arrogant fucking cretin is Dwain Chambers.

He is a proven drugs cheat. He cynically and knowingly took performance enhancing drugs contrary to the rules of the sport which he claims to love and was banned when he was caught out.

He took THG, this is a drug that was designed to be invisible to the doping testers, it has no other purpose than to illegally enhance the performances of the athletes that take it. No excuse of taking a lemsip for a cold or an anadin for a hurty leg skewing the test results.

Chambers purposefully set out to deceive the testers, comeptitors, spectators and sponsors of his sport and was rightly banned.

Now we see the whinging little fucker in the High Court trying to get an injunction against the British Olympic Association and their rule that a drugs cheat cannot represent GB&NI in any further Olympic Games.

This is not a retrospective ruling and has been in force for some years. When Chambers took his drugs to gain an unfair advantage over his clean competitors, he knew the risks. When he was caught he was aware that that was his Olympic career over.

Tough fucking titty sunshine.

He now moans that it is unfair restraint of trade. Well boo fucking hoo. If a paediatric nurse is convicted of child sex crimes and banned for life for working with children, can they claim unfair restraint of trade as well? No. Because they've demonstrated that they can't be fucking trusted. Same goes for you.

I hope he bloody loses his case. A few ancillary points:

- This is none of the High Court's business. The BOA are not a public organisation, it's up to them who they pick.

- He's going to win bugger all anyway. I doubt he'd make the final.

- The rest of your prospective team-mates probably want you nowhere near them.

- You send out a shite message to young athletes.

- The Olympics will probably be lousy with drug cheats. I don't care particularly about the games themselves, but I do care about some fucktard dragging our country's already bad name through the mud, just because you want to go 'and have some fun in Beijing.'

At least have the good grace to look ashamed that you got caught. You arrogant, self centred prick. I hope you break your legs.

Actually, anyone got Tonya Harding's number?

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