Wednesday, 16 July 2008

The One That Is Saying 'Oh Really? You Surprise Me.' . . .

Once again from Al-Beeb:

Almost a fifth of MPs have suffered mental health problems at some time, a survey suggests.

Nooo! You don't say!

Collection of inmates from the Tesco Beacon Westminster Home No. 10 For The Bewildered.

Who'd have thought it? And 86% of MPs think their job is stressful. Yeah, must be a real bind swiping all the expenses and worrying that the press will find out you don't deserve a single bloody penny of them. You'll be feeling the stress by May 2010 when you realise your majority is nowhere near as secure as you thought it was.

And yet despite all the madness and stress, people are still so desperate to climb aboard the gravy train they'll do almost anything to get votes as reported on Order-Order, Labour election candidate for Glasgae East, Margaret Curran publicised herself sitting with a youthful looking 93 year old Desert Rat showing off his campaign medals. The problem? He was actually a 67 year old Labour campaigner showing off his MBE.

Read the whole article here.

You cannot trust a word these bastards say, if an MP told me that the sky was blue and the sea was wet, I'd go out and check for myself.

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