Tuesday, 15 July 2008

The One That Is Saying 'Oh, Do You Think?' . . .

This report from Al-Beeb:

A central database holding details of everyone's phone calls and emails could be a "step too far for the British way of life", ministers have been warned.

Oh, do you think?

Just that step, is it?

Plans to hold everybody's DNA on a database? Fine.
Plans to lock people in their houses if they commit the terrible crime of being young? Sure thing.
Plans to hand over all our personal information to foreign governments? No worries.
Ignoring the country's desire to have a say over our participation in the EU? Go for your life.

Commissioner Richard Thomas is right, but let's face it, none of the above really sit too comfortably with the history and ideals of this country do they?

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Anonymous said...

Creeping totalitarianism. When will people wake up to this? Be afraid, be very afraid.