Tuesday, 22 July 2008

The One That Knew It Wasn't Just About Brown People. . .

Now, it isn't exactly 42 days, but it is a bloody good indicator, Al-Beeb (Kent Commissariat) are running this story tonight:

A police officer has been transferred from duties at a Channel crossing after a disabled child and his parents were detained under the Terrorism Act.

Julie Maynard, of Ware, Hertfordshire, was taking a day trip to Calais through the Channel Tunnel in Folkestone, Kent.

The detective constable accused Ms Maynard and her husband Leslie Coombs of trafficking her son Joshua, 12.

Now, I know a thing or two about child trafficking, and there are ways of broaching the subject and ways not to. This was a way not to.

Even if they were guilty of child trafficking, why in the name of fuckety-fucking-fuck was an arrest made under the terrorism act?

Still, it is good to see Kent Police taking some positive action, I just hope the DC is thoroughly ashamed of herself.

Watch yourself, just look the wrong way at the wrong copper (and no, not all of them, not even most of them) and it'll be 9 hours in the box for you. Very poor, this is not the action expected of what used be the most reputable police force (and not bloody service) in the world.


Anonymous said...

Hello Sir

Had a feeling you might pick up on this one - remind me to tell you about my experiences when the Fuzz descended on Woodchurch for several weeks!!

Hope things are Good


Anonymous said...

Not so sure about this story. It strikes me the woman involved was a professional troublemaker. Why did Al-Beeb see fit to run the story at 18:30, 22;30 and again the following day? Was it really that much of a major story? Sorry but my bullshit detector is going off here.

Anonymous said...

For Ports SB to make an arrest they must be really sure.

Lord knows they say 'no job here' more than enough.