Friday, 4 July 2008

The One That Is Naming And Shaming . . .

How very predictable, MPs have voted to keep the status quo in respect of their expenses.

What's more here is a list of those who use taxpayer's money to support their family.

Don't you love the smell of venality in the morning? The only thing that has shocked and surprised me is that I'm not shocked and surprised. Let's hope that those avaricious, arrogant and grasping . . . [I don't know, I don't have a word strong enough to express my disgust] lose their seats in the next election.

Here's a list of the offenders, and their majorities, may they be swept away.

Liz Blackman (Lab) - 7084
Bob Blizzard (Lab) - 5915
Nick Brown (Lab) - 7565
Andy Burnham (Lab) - 17,272
Alan Campbell (Lab) - 4143
Tony Cunningham (Lab) - 6895
Angela Eagle (Lab) - 9109
Maria Eagle (Lab) - 7193 (Twins, FFS!)
Caroline Flint (Lab) - 8598
Michael Foster (Lab) - 3144
Beverley Hughes (Lab) - 19, 417
Tessa Jowell (Lab) - 8807
Thomas McAvoy (Lab) - 16,112
Steve McCabe (Lab) - 5714
Shiobhain McDonagh (Lab) - 12,560
Tony McNulty (Lab) - 4730
Gillian Merron (Lab) - 4613
Mike O'Brien (Lab) - 7553
James Plaskitt (Lab) - 266 (Fuck me, I bet you shat yourself when Brown almost called an
election. Your arse is out of here, mate.)
Bridget Prentice (Lab) - 6751
Jacqui Smith (Lab) - 2716
Gerry Sutcliffe (Lab) - 4902
Mark Tami (Lab) - 8378
Gareth Thomas (Lab) - 2028
Derek Twigg (Lab) - 14606
Kitty Ussher (Lab) - 5778
Claire Ward (Lab) - 1148 (2% swing needed, you've had it as well, love.)
David Watts (Lab) - 13,962 (Fa fa fa fa fa fa fack off, with apologies to The Kinks)
Rosie Winterton (Lab) - 9802
Shaun Woodward (Lab) - 9309 (He's married to an heiress to the fucking Sainsbury fortune, for
crying out loud)
Iain Wright (Lab) - 7478

Now, tell me children, what links all those politicians. Hmmm? Well, yes they're all greedy fuckers who think it's a bloody liberty that we think we should somehow know what the cash they mug us for each month is spent on. Anything else?

Yessssss, that's right! Gold star! They're all from Labour.

Socialists? Preaching equality whilst sticking their porcine fucking snouts in the trough and avoiding any accountability? Who'd have thought it?

I hope they all catch bad aids.

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