Tuesday, 1 July 2008

The One That Is Tipping His Hat To Lech Kaczynski. . .

This is Lech Kaczynski, noble looking chap, isn't he?

He happens to be the President of Poland, he seems to have *ahem* slight authoritarian leanings, but as they say the enemy of my enemy. . .

Now, this may come as a surprise to some of you, but I'm not entirely happy about the EU. However, nothing is all bad, and one of the very rare good points about the EU is the fact that it has enabled us to be closer to the Poles. I like the Poles a great deal, they are in the main, honest, hard-working, patriotic people, they fought like lions alongside allied troops in the second world war and there is some startling statistic about the amount of Lufwaffe aircraft shot down by Polish airmen. Were it not for these people it is highly likely that the Battle of Britain would have been lost. It is a crying shame that Communism and the Cold War kept us apart for so long. In short, I believe Poland is a country we can do business with.

Oh, hullo! It looks like the Poles are doing their best to help us out again. The aforementioned Mr. Kaczynski is now giving serious thought to not putting his John Hancock on the Polish ratification of the Lisbon Treaty, citing that it would be pointless in light of the Irish referendum. Bloody well done. Isn't it marvellous how new boys in the shape of Poland and the Czech Republic could be the people to put the final nail in the coffin of this odious and anti-democratic treaty? If only our government had the same guts.

And whilst I'm on the subject, Al-Beeb, the Bullshit Broadcasting Corportation, or as I like to call them, those fucktards in White City have said:

All 27 EU members must ratify the document.

Oh really now? MUST they? What will happen if they do not? Will the Euro-corps (hahahahaha) come rolling over the plains like the Nazis and the Soviets? You arrogant fuckers, the Poles kicked the spirit crushing Communists into touch with one of the most spirited revolutions in history. I'm reckoning the Poles aren't going to be leant on by these dictatorial, self-appointed arse clowns in Brussels. More power to them.

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