Wednesday, 30 July 2008

The One That Knows This Is Going To Happen Again And Again. . .

It is now silly season. Unfortunately this doesn't mean that I don't have to be in the office until October. This season means that we'll see plenty of stories like this over the next few weeks:

A passer-by was questioned under terrorism laws for taking a picture of a police car he thought was illegally parked.

Apparently the police officers considered that this act represented a 'security threat.'

God how I hate that phrase. Security reasons - the new mantra of totalitarianism. Are we honestly, truthfully, expected to believe that some guy taking a photo of a panda car is a threat to national security? We all know what they look like, they can be seen on the news, in the paper at any time. I have a colleague who, for reasons best known to himself, is considering making a reference book about police cars. Images of cop cars are not hard to come by.

Security threat? Give me a break. You've felt this guy's collar because he has dared to question what the police were doing parked in a bus lane. When people start being arrested for questioning the actions of the police, we are in deep, deep, deep trouble.

The mealy mouthed response of the Super is just as worrying. Why not just put your hands up and say 'The officers over reacted. I've spoken with them about it and we will try to avoid this in the future.' Because the thing is I'm sure that behind closed doors, the officers concerned were told to stop being so bloody stupid.

A number of my recent posts might suggest I am anti-police. This is not true. I work quite closely with the police and recognise that the vast, vast majority do a good job under almost impossible conditions and incompetent management. Managers and a few front-line officers would do well to remember the Peelian Principles.

Can anyone explain why we used to have a Police Force that served the community but now have a Police Service that serve nothing but the Party tractor production figures?


Call me Infidel said...

I find the ease with which the police resort to the "security threat" response somewhat sinister. I have a great deal of respect for the police. They do a difficult job for scant reward and generally do it well. However as in much of British life now they seem to have their fair share of poor quality recruits. I watched a program recently where a couple of Canterbury coppers were giving a motorist a hard time because he had an uncovered air rifle in the back of his car. They seemed to be of the opinion this was unlawful. The law states that carrying an air rifle uncovered in a public place is unlawful. However since when did a persons motor vehicle become a public place? These coppers were cunts and trying to bluff their way and bully the man. That is what I find offensive. I don't expect the police to know chapter and verse of the entire legal system but if they don't know it then don't pretend.

Old Holborn said...

Ah yes, the Police.

The people we pay handsomely to "protect us"

With curfews. CCTV. DNA databases