Friday, 18 July 2008

The One That Is Glad. . .

Further to my rant of yesterday, the High Court have dismissed Chambers' application for an injunction against the BOA.

I'm bloody delighted.

He has until close of court business today to lodge an appeal. Let's see how fast the fucker really is.

And to make today better, tonight is the Canterbury beer festival. I intend to drink more than my daily allowance of alcoholic units.

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Anonymous said...

It makes a change from the usual fare. Cheats never prosper I was told at school. Unfortunately the reality is that some cheats do prosper and Chambers has made plenty of money. I just hope he has to shell out a fortune in legal fees to the ambulance chasers. Aren't you glad we won the 2012 olympics? You can pay through taxation to watch these steroid fuelled zombies charge around the tracks. What fun!