Monday, 1 June 2009

The One That Will Tell You What The Bloody Point Is. . .

The Prime Mentalist displayed the sort of lack of undertanding and self-awareness that will come to mark his tenure as what history promises to see as the worst Prime Minister of all time today.

He was reluctant to say anything in support of Darling, so start packing, Alistair. Expect Ed Balls to move into No. 11 when he indulges in the final re-ordering of the deckchairs on his own personal Titanic. Dear God, is that it? Ed Balls? Bloody hell, I'm surprised the cabinet aren't running for the hills, the last thing even the most loyal Brownite needs right now is to be seen to have any connection to this Jonah at all.

He also stated that :

I am not arrogant or unwilling to listen to people but I do believe that if people look towards what needs to be done at the moment, it is to get us through this economic downturn.

Don't you see? You poor deluded fools, why are you wasting your time looking at these venal MPs? What you should be focusing on is the recession, which is nothing to do with Gordon at all, although all the good stuff that came before is all down to him. You'd be a racist, homophobic paedophile to disagree.

Adam Boulton flat out asked him today why he doesn't go to the country. His response? 'What would be the point?'

The point would be Gordon, that everyone, even your own back-benchers and party gophers are thoroughly sick of the sight of you.

He then wittered on about the folly of going to a general election:

"I want people to say of me that he cleaned up the political system having found that things were wrong in it. . ."

Well, you've had 12 years, Gordon. Didn't seem so bleeding important when the farmer wasn't watching the trough, was it?

History will remember you as the man who was the worst PM in history, presiding over one of the most corrupt Parliaments in history and as one of two men who destroyed the Labour party and didn't have the sense to realise the game was up.

I hope the time spent hiding under the table in No. 10 was worth it.

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