Wednesday, 3 June 2009

The One That Is Thankful. . .

A day of contrasts across the board.

Blears really puts the cat amongst the pigeons and stops just shy of issuing a call for a leadership challenge to Brown, Sky News reports that a group of Labour backbenchers have started an email campaign against Gordon which seems to have the support of 80 or so of the lobby fodder.

Rumours also abound that Caroline Flint and Andy 'Cosmetics' Burnham are also set to walk.

Cameron was as effective as a paper condom at PMQ's this afternoon, and in my opinion out-performed (and not for the first time) by Wossinsname Clegg from the Social Democrats.

A very interesting post by Guthrum over at the LPUK blog put forward the theory that Royal and military agents were behind the leaking of the expenses. I'm not sure if I subscribe to it, but I'm not about to dismiss it and it certainly fits the events.

Many people commented in the late winter that we were due a 'summer of rage' and that the PM was itching to use the Civil Contingencies Act to get the troops on the street, there were even reports of servicemen being surveyed to see if they would open fire on their countrymen.

All that seems a little irrelevant now, I find it impossible to see a way for Brown to survive this chain of events, the local election results on Friday could well be the knock-out punch, the European results on Sunday evening will more than likely finish him once and for all.

No tanks on the street.

Whilst I'm heartened that the media, public and latterly the ministers have turned on this Prime Minister, it is unfortunate that it has taken a corruption story to turn the tide, but then the policy scandal of the last 12 years haven't been sexy enough. Perhaps, maybe, the public will pay a little more attention to what is being done in their names beyond expenses after this.

However do not underestimate the public strength of feeling over corruption. Today marks the 20th anniversary of Tiananmen Square, a mass protest which was against a controlling and thoroughly reprehensible government which was catalysed by corruption, the difference being that this was put down with troops and tanks.

We may be under the thumb of an overbearing and controlling institution in the EU that waters down the power of our national parliament, we may have a leader who refuses to bend to national opinion, we may have no credible opposition, but at least we have the chance to change all that and we don't have to worry about troops and tanks.

For that, I am thankful.

Things need to change, radically and with speed, but we can do it without fearing for our lives.

So when the polling stations are open tomorrow, step out and take a minute or two from your hectic schedule and vote for what you want, get connected and hold the elected representatives to account for what they have done in YOUR name.

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