Friday, 26 June 2009

The One That Will Talk About Jackson. . .

My thoughts for what it is worth.

Some of his music was sublime. Some of it terrible. Jackson was a pioneer and possessed genuine talent, towering when you compare it to some of the arse gravy churned out nowadays.

He was a victim of fame he didn’t really have a choice in taking on, not akin to one of the idiots who queue up to go on X-Factor, or attempt to emulate the man on Britain’s Got Talent, who wish to be famous for being famous. Jackson was pushed into his life as a young child. One need only look at his siblings to see the lasting and negative effects this childhood had on them as individuals. He knew no other life.

He made some bad choices, and doubtless had some bad advisors and hangers on who probably wanted to squeeze every last cent out of him that they could.

For all his faults, and irrespective of his musical talent and fame, just a human being, I hope Jackson can now have some peace. It is sad that his children have lost their father and that his many millions of fans have lost an important part of their lives. That sadness pales into insignificance when set alongside the tragedy of a person who was destroyed before he even had a chance to grow up.

If ever there was a stark warning of the cult of celebrity, it is Jackson.

Rest easy, you mad, mad, mad, amazingly talented creature.

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