Tuesday, 2 June 2009

The One That Thinks It's All Going To Go Wrong. . .


Tom Watson - Going.
Jackboot Spliff - Going.
David Chaytor - Going.
Beverley Hughes - Going.
Patricia Hewitt - Retiring.
Alistair Darling - Living On Borrowed Time With The Bailiff Knocking At The Door.

Blimey, it is Christmas, Birthday, Pay Day and Winning Lotto Ticket Day all in one go.

Knowing my luck, Labour will take 70% of the vote on Thursday. . . .

They're fucked.

Anna Raccoon talks about a dissolution debate from the Jock and Taff nationalists.
Can't wait.


Sky are talking seriously about Darling or Millipede taking over as Home Sec.


Oh, that's a good one, that is.

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