Tuesday, 2 June 2009

The One That Is Starting To Lose Track Of This Now. . .

Labour backbencher Ian Gibson has been barred from standing for the party at the next general election, following questions about his expenses.

It's taken 12 years, folks, but the Labour party has finally delivered on a promise.

The Norwich North MP is said to be "very upset" at the news, which follows an appearance before a disciplinary panel set up by Labour's ruling body.

I'll bet he bloody is.

MPs Margaret Moran, Elliot Morley and David Chaytor, who already said they would not stand, were also banned.

At least they had the sense to jump before they were pushed.

But they have not been expelled from the party or had the whip removed.

So, let me get this right, they've been found wanting by their party, and won't be selected to stand again. So obviously the party wants nothing to do with them? Obviously their offences aren't bad enough to warrant the withdrawal of the whip, good little lobby fodder, get kicked in the balls, get dropped like a hot spud, but you'll still file through when you're told, eh?

If they had any spine, they'd throw off the whip themselves.

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Call me Infidel said...

If Comrade Brownstainovich had any spine he would have arranged a public horsewhipping for all involved. Including himself.