Saturday, 27 June 2009

The One That Knows It Is The Beginning Of The End. . .

Amazing but true, there is other news other than the death of Michael Jackson, and one can't help but wonder if it is being used to bury bad news or objectionable policies.

Here's a prime example of a thoroughly objectionable policy:

About 1,000 homes and businesses will be affected by security and policing arrangements for this year's Labour Party conference in Brighton.

During the conference, officers will visit households and companies nearby to confirm identities of people there.

What the flying fuckety-fuck? I'd like to know first of all, what powers Sussex police have to go knocking on peoples' doors and demand to see ID of the person opening it. Setting aside the fact that it is a disgusting attack on the liberties of those being doorstepped, what if the person living there has no driving licence or passport? No, that is not an argument in favour of an ID Card scheme, it is an argument in favour of the State and the police minding their own fucking business.

It gets better:

Supt Grenville Wilson said that hosting the conference at a time of international tension inevitably involved heightened security.

But he said: "We are keen to stress that there is no specific threat to the conference."

However that won't stop him sending his officers to make sure that everyone knows they're on a yellow card anyway. I'm surprised he doesn't put a Police Community Surveillance Officer in every home to make sure the residents are sat quietly with their hands on the table in full view for the duration.

Where the hell do these fuckers get off?

During the event from 27 September to 1 October, officers will seal off the area around the Brighton Centre, Hilton Metropole and Grand hotels and Russell Road NCP car park to form a secure "island" site.

Perhaps if this Government hadn't acted like such a bunch of arse-clowns for the last decade, hadn't shat on everyone, nannied us, hectored us and had actually listened to what we were saying, then they wouldn't need to seal off huge swathes of Brighton to prevent people trying to kill them.

But security is security, and don't you dare try to argue about it. Don't you dare try to question the authorities. Tell us who you are, why you are sat there in your own home, and what it is you intend to do whilst you're there.

This is an absolute disgrace, to spy on people whilst they walk down the street minding their own business is bad enough. Now they are sending people round to our houses, and they don't even have the decency to attempt to do it covertly. Fuckers. Fucking fuckers.

I wonder what would happen to this poor old bugger if he produced a repeat performance this year?

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Anonymous said...

As a Brightonian myself (Hove actually), I'm sick of the sight of these bastards every other year or so descending on the seafront and cluttering the place up.

The cycle lanes and footpaths are blocked to vacationers and local joggers, wlakers etc, while these fat, usually northern, bastards descend on this hallowed corner of old England to spew their filth.

I'd tell the Old Bill to fuck off, but they won't get as far as harassing us up in genteel Hove.

Fuck off Labour, just fuck right off