Monday, 8 June 2009

The One That Does Not Have An Opinion On Halal Meat. . .

I've tried to remain quite neutral about the BNP, I've made it perfectly clear that I don't support them, but I try to avoid repsonding to the bogeyman dogwhistle.

One of the advantages of having BNP MEPs is that the media will have to broadcast what they have to say. This is a good thing, because by giving these people a platform they will reveal themselves to be the loons they are.

It hasn't taken long to get started, I've just seen a montage of Andrew Brons, the BNP MEP who isn't Nick Griffin, burbling away on Sky News. Admittedly it was a montage, so the edit wasn't particularly sympathetic, but that doesn't alter what he said.

Predictably he wittered on about there being too many mosques. Yawn. Next. It was that next which made me sit up and take notice, he said that Halal meat wasn't to his taste and that it should be banned.



I'm glad he thought it was so important as to raise it on his first day in the job, I must be lacking, because I've never given the subject any thought.

You see, stifle them, and they become interesting. Let them speak and people will edge away from them, whistling and looking as if they've spotted something interesting in the middle-distance.

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