Thursday, 18 June 2009

The One That Thinks They Have No Shame. . .

Following The Times and Justice Eady's naming of Orwell Prize winning plod blogger, Night Jack, comes this amazing peice of chutzpah over at Old Holborn's place.

I am doing some research on Haringey council, Baby P, etc and one thing I am trying to locate is a communication from Cecilia Hitchen to Clive Preece which allegedly says that no further children should be given care orders due to cost considerations. Someone mentioned that you may have had sight of this?
Are you able to help at all?
Thanks for reading this.
Daniel Foggo, senior reporter, The Sunday Times +44 20 7782 7730

I like OH, he is irascible, controversial and not afraid to speak his mind. Sometimes I think he gets things wrong, sometimes I think he goes too far, but I don't hold that against him, debate is what blogs are all about.

I was surprised with the calm nature of his response:

Hi Daniel,

Do your own research. Oh, and fuck off.

Old Holborn
An anonymous blogger

I still think the MSM really don't quite get it. We're not wannabe hacks, as a rule, blogging is a cathartic process, a form of therapy, if someone reads it, that's nice. If someone agrees then that's a real bonus.

The Times have proven that they, or perhaps more accurately, Rupert Murdoch, fear the bloggers. We can't be controlled with sackings, pay-cuts or demotions to the fashion desk. We follow our own agenda and not an editorial line.

If a fellow Libertarian says something I do not agree with, I will disagree with them. This does not happen in the MSM. They hate that. We are unpredictable. So what if I, Leg-Iron, OH, DK, Dick Puddlecote, Trixy or any other blogger doesn't have the readership numbers of The Times? Readers certainly aren't why I do this.

For them to shit on one of 'us' and then go asking another for help, is akin to the crew of the Enola Gay to dropping the bomb, then landing in Kyoto and asking a local to sub them a sushi dinner.


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