Monday, 16 June 2008

The One That Wishes They'd Stop Bloody Banning Things. . .

It really does beggar belief.

Now we have plans to ban (I'm starting to respond to that word as I do to the word 'Nigger' - with revulsion) the sale of alcohol in off licences and supermarkets to the under 21's in Scotland.




There was some Johnny on Al-Beeb a moment ago representing the Scottish Licencesee Association, or some-such bemoaning the fact that the supermarkets are knocking out booze much, much cheaper than pubs.

Well? Yes? Should we also ban the little counters selling pre-cooked chickens and curry on that basis?

He then goes on to moan about falling numbers in Scottish pubs.

Now, what has recently been banned in pubs that means a large number of people could turn to drinking at home?

Furthermore, this causes problems because people are now drinking out of pubs and out of a controlled environment. A controlled environment? Give me strength. Go to my local Weatherspoons, the very embodiment of a controlled environment, no music, no telly, no sitting at the bar, drinking in the new Soviet is upon us. See how controlled it is at kicking out time. I was in NY a few years ago and was amazed to see a little sign on a bar-top which said something along the lines of 'For your enjoyment a maximum of three drinks may be consumed.' In other words, we've decided how much you can safely drink, it was like trying to buy more than a dozen paracetemol. For Pete's sake, don't let the politicos hear 'drinking in a controlled environment' next thing will be having to go to a State Booze Shop and buying vouchers which can be exchanged in state approved drinking dens and we'll be limited to the daily amount of units allowed for our gender.

Then he went even further and suggested a state set minimum price for alcohol, to prevent supermarkets knocking out Belgian stubbies at 12p a bottle or whatever. This isn't binge drinking control, this is competition nobbling. To dress it up for the social good is cynical and underhand, you should be disgusted with yourself.

But where has all this come from? Ah yes, the SNP. Now I have no problem with the Scots having a chance to vote on splitting from the Union (in fact here's an idea, let's save some cash and have it on the same day we have a referendum on our continued membership of the EU, bugger Lisbon, let's go the whole hog), but fuck me, what a bloody shower. Quite happy to argue for the vote for sixteen year olds, this suggests their vote is quite young, banging on about marriage, taxes and the army, but then turning around and saying you can't buy a bottle of wine to have with your dinner until you're 21! I bet all those 14 year olds are quaking in their boots as they score a bottle of Buckie, they'll be breaking the law by seven years now, rather than four. I'm sure the good burghers of Greenock will be able to sleep safely in their beds.





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