Thursday, 26 June 2008

The One That Is Being Racially And Sexually Discriminated Against. . .

<--- There she is, Harriet Harman, the member of the cabinet that has made racial and sexual discrimination legal once again. Well done Harriet, I hope you are really proud of yourself.

You repulsive and detestable bitch. I hope you lose the use of your legs.

Why am I so angry? Simple, today the government has announced that when firms have two equally good candidates for a job, they will be permitted to choose a succesful candidate on the basis of their gender or ethnicity.

Guess what? As long as you're not male and white.

What really annoys me is that this policy has been introduced in such a fashion that speaking out against it can only make one sound like a BNP campaigner, which I ain't. What agenda are the fuckers trying to push forward now? This is another slap in the face from these self-loathing, shit-for-brains malcontents. You know what? We made some serious mistakes in the past, we have been guilty of the most horrific prejudices and discriminations in the past, but it wasn't me. I didn't do it, so why am I being penalised for it? This will not make the past go away, and nothing we can do can change what has happened. We have redressed the balance, apologised for the actions of our forebears and, I thought, levelled the playing field to ensure that such a thing can never happen again.

It is now happening again. Just as I would hate to think I got a job because I am white and male and the other candidate was black and female (indeed I don't think I would work for such an organisation), I would hate to think I would not get a job for the same reasons.

You can always tell when a policy is bullshit, it is passed off as being, after consideration, a good thing, but the reverse being introduced would cause hell to be raised. What would the reaction be if the government told companies that it would be perfectly acceptable to choose the white male candidate in the event of a tie on the grounds of his skin colour and gender? The CRE would be up in arms, and rightly so.

Race, gender, sexuality, disability, age, whatever, it makes NO FUCKING DIFFERENCE. You can either do the job, or not. Why on Earth in the 21st Century are we keeping records on what little boxes we fit into? I only care about if someone is a) competent and b) a decent person. The rest is irrelevant. Why not keep records on how many members of staff have blue eyes, are left handed or enjoy eating cauliflower? Fucking cut it out.

There is no such thing as positive discrimination, only discrimination. It amounts to saying there is good and bad democracy, for example if an electorate is given a referendum on an important treaty and. . . oh. . . hang on. . . shit.

What a bunch of fucking wankers.

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Call me Infidel said...

I think the primary driver for this nonsense is fear. The ZaNuLabour project is running off the rails. The lefty control freaks want to get their pet projects onto the statute books before it's too late. Harriet Harperson is a prime example of control freakery in action. Let's face face up to facts. Labour is finished and the longer they drag out the inevitable election the worse it will be for them. I had hoped that the British public had seen them off in the Michael Foot era. Then with Kinnochio elected as leader it seemed that this was the end for the socialist cancer. Unfortunately the gullible public bought into the snake oil scumbag Blair and only now are waking up to the reality. ZaNuLabour is like some ghastly Count Dracula. When will we get the chance to hammer the stake into their heart and put an end to this?