Thursday, 26 June 2008

The One That Is Saying 'You Couldn't Make It Up'. . .

I normally take these stories with a pinch of salt. I think to myself 'surely this can't be true.'

A fruit and veg wholesaler faces throwing away an entire consignment of Chilean kiwis because inspectors said they were too small.

Tim Down, from Bristol, said he could not even give away the 520 fruit, each of which is about the size of a small hen's egg and weighs about 60g.

"I was given 24 hours to think about it and my outrage grew," he said.

A spokesman for the Rural Payments Agency (RPA) said the consignment failed to meet EU grading rules.

It goes on for a while in a similar vein.

If it were a chap trying to sell a Mercedes estate with a moped engine hidden away under the bonnet, I could understand. But kiwi fruit? Give me a break, you see it sat in a box in front of you, there's not a great deal that can surprise you. As for not being able to give it away. . .

Stupidity doesn't even being to cover it.

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