Sunday, 29 June 2008

The One That Finds It Amazing That This Group Is Given Such Respect. . .

There's this group, they think women are second class citizens, would criminalise homosexuality, seem to think that they are beyond any criticism and that we should all listen to them.

BNP? National Front? Combat 18? No. A collection of Anglican Clerics.

Oooh, ooooh, I've got an idea.

Fuck off you illiberal bunch of hate driven, misery peddling fucktards. I'm glad you are a private members club, because I'd hate to see you running a country. What an odious collection of intolerant self-absorbed wankers.

Here's another idea. Let's take all these pricks, Christian, Muslim, Jewish, whatever, all those pricks who say that they know what God wants, and what he says. Let's find a nice island in the pacific with no inhabitants and then they can kill each other in the name of their God (who apparently loves everyone). We need do nothing more, think of it as an ecclesiastical version of Lord of the Flies.

I've said it before, you lot are an irrelevance in today's world. You've had the best part of 2000 years in charge and fucked it right up. Remind me, why should I give any attention or credence to what you have to say?


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