Sunday, 29 June 2008

The One That Wants This Printed On A T-Shirt. . .

It'd have to be in pretty small writing, though.

I do not wish to be forced into state subjugation by the stupid, the ignorant and the just plain bastard lazy.

I do not wish to be forced to associate with those with whom I have no wish to spend my time.

I do not wish to be forced to close my mouth for fear of arrest.

I do not wish to find myself locked away without trial, not knowing what I am accused of.

I do not wish to be an indentured servant, half of the product of my hard work stolen to pay for the lifestyles of those who are parasitic on the productive.

I reject this statist evil and I reject the validity of this democracy—this tyranny of the majority—this totalitarianism of the lazy and stupid over those who think and would be free.

I am not interested in democracy, but in liberty. And our democracy is proving, as any system of government always does eventually, to be the enemy of liberty.

As taken from the excellent Devil's Kitchen. Do go and read the whole article.


Devil's Kitchen said...

Your wish is my command. It will be available in about 48 hours...


Snowolf said...

Top man!