Wednesday, 4 June 2008

The one that is pleased to see someone sticking it to them . . .

Good to read the reports of fishermen from around Europe (but mainly our Italian and French cousins) having a bit of a tear-up outside the EU Commission in Brussels, not that I'd ever condone civil disobedience. Well, perhaps a bit.

No prizes for guessing that the basis of the 'protest' was the price of fuel, in their case marine diesel which has gone up, well, lots recently. This hits the French fisherman particularly hard as it makes it very expensive for them all to go out and blockade harbours and ports in righteous indignation whenever the harbour master looks at them in a funny way or doesn't bless their barnacles, or whatever.

Whilst I respect the French fishermen for standing up for themsevles, I can't help thinking that they're a little shellfish (geddit? Sorry.) as they are protesting about the fact that the French government won't give them, and only them as fishermen, a break on the tax they pay on the diesel they use. Of course the French goverment shrug their shoulders in that oh so Gallic fashion. There's nothing they can do of course, it is all down to EU competition laws. Which as far as I can make out are there to stop any competition at all and make sure that the commission has complete control over every industry.

But here's the rub, EU rules state that VAT rate on fuel in member states MUST be at least 15%. Anything above that is down to the member state.

Let us just revisit that shall we? The EU says that we MUST charge 15% VAT minimum on fuel.

I'm not entirely happy about that, in fact, when the next election comes around, I think I'm going to vote for a different commissioner.

What? What's that you say? I can't vote for commissioners? Ahh, well that explains how Peter Mandelson is alive and getting paid as well (to mis-quote HMHB). That is why I hate this collection of dictatorial, unelected, grasping, sociopathic, fuckwits who are trying to run my country and my life and give me absolutely no say in it whatsoever.

It is exactly this sort of thing that makes we want to unwind razor wire and set tank traps on Camber Sands whilst wearing a tin helmet and singing Gracie Fields and Vera Lynn.

What a bunch of servile, arrogant fuckers, and what a bunch of fucking idiots we are to continually elect politicians who feather their own nests and sell more and more of our sovereignty down the river. The sooner we're rid of the shower of shite in Westminster and the absolute deluge of typhoid ridden shit in Brussels the better.

Now, where did I leave my barrage ballloon?

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Call me Infidel said...

Go West young man! I doubt change will come whatever government is elected. All of the three main parties generally support the continued handing over of power to the EUSR. Get out of Europe before they introduce exit visas! You know it makes sense!