Thursday, 12 June 2008

The One That Thinks David Davis Is A Total Fucking Hero. . .

<--- This is David Davis, and he is a total fucking hero.

When he made his statement this afternoon criticising the new 42 day detention law and the government's 'slow strangulation' of our most important and basic freedoms, it was the first time I have ever sat and applauded a politician whilst watching TV, actually, it was the first time I've ever applauded a politician at all.

I am absolutely delighted that a politician, and a proper heavyweight with some substance about them, has the balls to stand up and say enough. This admiration is matched only by the horror I felt at hearing that over 60% of the population supported the 42 day law. Have things come to this that like turkeys voting for Christmas, we will support moves to curb our liberty? How far does this support go? Do the population support one CCTV camera for every 14 people in the UK, the most intrusive ID card scheme in the world, a database containing the DNA of millions of people who have done nothing wrong, just in case? All these issues are linked, and I would hope that the majority of people are against this, if not then perhaps it is us as Libertarians that are out of touch, rather than the illiberal authoritarian political class who hold power as and end rather than a means to an end. If it is we who are out of touch then I could weep rather than shout about the idiocy and short-sightedness of the electorate like those connected to NuLabour.

I hope beyond hope that David wins his by-election at a stroll and a clear message is sent to the leadership of all the political parties that we have simply had enough of this.

Cynics say it is a blitzkrieg against Cameron's leadership. If it is, so what? If Davis is genuine, and he certainly gave the impression of being so during his speech at Westminster today, then perhaps he is the man to save us from this disturbing and odious morass.

And David, if the Tories don't want you after this, I'm sure I can think of one party that would be happy to talk to you.

I congratulate you, Sir.

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