Wednesday, 13 May 2009

The One That Wants To Know Which One It Is. . .

So which one is it? Troughing pig or drooling imbecile?

Elliot Morley (and there's a face only a mother could love) is in the Telegraph coloured shit this evening. It transpires that he claimed £16k to pay a mortgage he didn't have.

Sixteen thousand quid is more than a good deal of people in this country see in wages every year. This is not a piffling amount of cash.

Is there not one MP that will have the balls to come out and say 'Yes, we've been right at it. There has been a culture of grabbing as much loot as possible for years at Westminster now, and we honestly thought you'd never rumble us'?

No, Elliot Morley is the latest in an every increasing line of MPs who have made a 'mistake'.

This defies belief, these mistakes have been made over and over again. And for how many years before the leak of these expenses claims?

How are we to have any faith in your policies if you repeatedly make the simplest mistakes? Do you really expect us to believe that these are proper honest to God mistakes? Or is that perhaps you've been, y'know, lying?

Either way the whole fucking lot of you are not to be trusted, how stupid do you think we are?

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Call me Infidel said...

I don't know Christmas seems to come around so quickly these days.....good isn't it?