Saturday, 23 May 2009

The One That Hasn't Received An Invite. . .

Anyone realised how much blogspace the BNP are taking up at the moment? Anyone would think that the MSM is right behind them, not a day goes by without a story talking about the 'danger' of the BNP or saying 'BNP - Boooooooo!' It's all a bit scary, isn't it?

Well, no, not really. I have little doubt that the BNP will pick up a seat or two in the coming Europeans, and I'd be very surprised if they didn't end up with a number of councillors in the locals. If there's a snap general election they're quite capable of picking up one or two Westminster seats as well.

Here's a newsflash; It wouldn't be the end of the world. Concentration camps would not be built on disused airfields, einsatzgruppen would not be despatched to Leicester and Bradford, we would not see flags involving eagles and lightning bolts flying over prominent public buildings.

When push comes to shove, a couple of BNP MEP's, councillors and MPs will make very little difference in the grand scheme of things. No-one seems to be making a fuss about the Greens being in a fairly similar position, but then of course the Greens aren't eeeeeeeeeevil.

Still, we must be fearful, the politicians in the established parties certainly are. Not because the British Reich is goose-stepping into Westminster and County Halls accross the land, but because it could be they who lose their jobs to the BNP. Well who's fault is that? Is it the BNP's fault for promoting policies which sit so well with the mindset of the British public? If it is, then absolutely the BNP should be given power, if they have the majority support then democracy demands it.

Of course they don't, so they won't. This whole argument is ridiculous, other than a few people who do support the BNP's aims and objectives, votes that they pick up will not be votes for the BNP, but votes against the established parties. The established parties have no-one else to blame but themselves for this.

The big three would have you believe that all protest votes will go to the BNP, just to keep the fear well fed and exercised. It won't, all the minority parties are expecting a day in the sun, and the PR in Europe could see some surprising people sent off to Brussels.

So instead they warn about voting for fringe parties. Well, fuck you. It isn't our duty to vote for only one of the three main parties, that isn't how it works. Deal with it, you have not only failed us, but have insulted us and stolen from us whilst you were at it. Still you refuse to accept that you've really done anything wrong. You'll pay for that.

Still the established parties scream 'political stunt' at the BNP. Is that what they are paid for? Pointing out the bleeding obvious? Of course Nick Griffin trying to engineer a ticket to The Queen's garden party is a political stunt. The man isn't an idiot, he knows full well that his attending this event is irrelevant, just a whisper that he might be rocking up to Buck House will put his face and his party's logo all over the broadcast media and national press. He whistles, the MSM and established parties come running.

It doesn't matter what you say about the BNP, we've all heard it a thousand times before, what is important from their point of view is that they are kept in the public eye in the run up to polling day, and that the public realise they are nothing like the big three. No broken promises, no outrageous manifesto breaches, no cash for peerages, no using those peerages to make the cash back in the Lords. Shits they may be, but at least they don't take the piss, and the big three are just as shitty. Where's the big difference? Labour, Tory, Lib Dem and BNP, they are all equally objectionable in their own ways.

So, if the BNP are to be barred from the Garden Party, I expect any person invited to be barred from attending if they are found to belong to any party. Or is that other perfectly legal parties believe that they are more equal? How many rabid republicans exist in Labour and Lib Dems? Is The Queen going to be comfortable with them poking around her flower beds? No such problems with the BNP.

Keep whining, keep pointing and shouting. All you do is weaken your own position. Fools.

I'll state again, I do not support the BNP and have no intention of voting for them. I have complete understanding for those who do vote for them, they feel they have nowhere left to go, and that is no fault of theirs.

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Call me Infidel said...

A good article Wolfers. I agree the idea that a couple of seats going to the BNP, however objectionable would result in concentration camps is patently absurd. However I would be interested to know how the events of the late 1920's in Germany led to the rise of fascism. Admittedly the Germans had a collective grievance from the Versailles Treaty that Hitler exploited, but how many "ordinary" Germans thought that a protest vote would lead to concentration camps and Gotterdamerung?

I'm not suggesting that such an outcome is in anyway likely. However the UK has collosal debts and there will have to be substantial cuts in public spending. The next few years could be quite alarming unless someone gets a grip on public spending and does something to assuage the anger felt by the public at large at Labour's policy of "border control"