Monday, 18 May 2009

The One That Is Ashamed. . .

If ever there were a demonstration of Parliament's contempt for the public they are supposed to be serving, it came just now as the Speaker addressed the House.

I'll gloss over the fact that he didn't seem to understand the procedure of the House and had to discuss it with the Clerk, and focus instead on the fact that during the numerous points of order he effectively denounced Douglas Carswell's early day motion as a peice of trivia.

His refusal to pass any comment on his immediate future can only lead me to suppose that it is his intention not only to see this term out, but also to stand for election at the next election. Convention has it that a serving Speaker is unopposed by the two other main parties in his consituency during an election. Bollocks to that convention, the Lib Dems and Tories should piss all over that. The status quo must not be protected.

It isn't just that the Speaker should be offered up as a sacrificial lamb for the malfeasance of the House, he isn't a scapegoat and should not be treated as one, but he is one the worst troughers out there.

By refusing to give time over to Carswell's EDM, he has refused the House the opportunity to discuss his tenure as Speaker and has dropped the hot spud squarely in the lap of Brown. Brown will do nothing. I have no doubt that a number of 'honourable' members that would vote in a motion of no confidence in Martin would do so in the hope that the House surrendering him to the mob would deflect attention away from their own avarice, but that should not detract from the decent MPs who realise that his isn't, has never been, and will never be up to the job he is supposed to be doing.

Once again the political class hold up two fingers to the public and shout a hearty 'fuck you'.

The Queen has the prerogative of dissolving Parliament whenever she sees fit, I sit here in the hope that Her Majesty uses that right sooner rather than later.

This is an absolute disgrace from a legislature who do nothing but look out for their own personal, financial interests. The sooner we can kick out the whole sorry lot of them, the better.

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Lee said...

I'm not constitutional expert but I am concerned about the potential for the monarch to dissolve parliament. It seems to me it would set a dangerous precedent for the Queen and would have the marxist mob baying for blood. Liebour nearly succeeded in wrecking any heritage we have and it bothers me that intervention by HM the Queen would give them all the ammunition they need to start a Republican bandwagon.

On the topic of Martin his position surely is untenable? MPs, even Liebour ones, openly told him to resign. I see no way back for him now. He as you suggested has tossed the fizzing bomb in Broon's lap and is hoping the arch ditherer is true to form and does nothing. However I think things have gone beyond this. The mood that I can detect (from a great distance it has to be said) is one of extreme anger. I don't believe the public are prepared to countenance having this half-wit continue in the role of Speaker. He is fatally damaged and once the results of the local and EU elections are released I believe Broon too will be finished. Liebour screwed up last year. They had the chance to oust the fool but chose to stick with him and now it is too late. Nothing they do will resurrect their position. It is a sea change in British politics and Liebour are in a death spiral but they only have themselves to blame. I can't wait for June!