Saturday, 2 May 2009

The One That Says She Is Right And Wrong In Equal Measure. . .

The Ninja Ginja Chipmunk is the latest soon to be ex-Labour MP to comment on the death of her party.

She makes some interesting points.

Communities Secretary Hazel Blears has attacked the government's "lamentable" failure to communicate.

Well this is what happens when you have a sociopath in charge. There is no discussion, it is one way traffic.

Writing in the Observer, Ms Blears says the public does not believe many of the government's policy announcements.

Many? That 'm' is kinda redundant. Try any.

And she says use of "new media" by politicians is not as effective as traditional campaigning methods.

Not when the use of new media is Brown stopping to smile midway through a YouTube video, but ends up looking like he's just seen a kid run over by a car outside.

"YouTube if you want to, but it is no substitute for knocking on doors or setting up a stall in the town centre," she says.

Except of course, when I see Blears on a YouTube video I can just not open it. I can't see through my front door, which means there is a very small chance I could get a really nasty scare on my doorstep one day. I'd rather not take the risk, just supposing I was to open the door and find her on the doorstep, only to realise that I'd left my big carving knife in the kitchen and not taken it with me?

"We need to have a relationship with the voters based on shared instincts and emotions.

As long as those instincts and emotions are identical to the ones you share, eh, Hazel?

"We need to start showing we understand the instincts, fears, hopes and emotions of the broad mass of British people."

OK, call an election then. You've had 12 fucking years to show you understand the instincts, fears, hopes and emotions of the broad mass of British people, and to be frank, it's a bit bloody late to be making a start now. So, call an election and you'll understand the hopes of the British people, alright. We hope you fuck off and never come back. That's what we hope.

Prime Minister Gordon Brown has launched an online version of Prime Minister's Questions, pledging to respond to videoclip questions submitted via the Downing Street YouTube website.

Oh, Sweet Jesus, he really doesn't learn, does he? What's the leading question on the No. 10 site at present?

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