Wednesday, 27 May 2009

The One That Is Counting The Days. . .

Just been watching Julie Kirkbride on Sky News, she's finally come out of hiding and produced an interview laden with patronising language, self pity, excuses, refusal to admit that anything wrong has been done and refusal to answer the fucking question. She regrets the situation she's in. That speaks volumes, she doesn't regret doing what she did, she just regrets being found out.

Her hubbie did the same. Let's hope history repeats itself. Actually, scrub that, let's hope she digs her heels in and then we'll get to see how tough Call Me Dave's stand actually is, if we're lucky she'll be allowed to contest her seat and we can all enjoy seeing her come in behind the Hug A Hedgehog For God Party.

Anyhow, to the matter in hand. It is now but one week from the European and local elections and I've never looked forward to any election as much as I have this one. I'm buzzing with anticipation at the thought of staying up all night with a selection of fine Kentish ciders, secure in the knowledge that I have the following day off work, and watching the results come in, the party gophers wandering around like dazed bomb blast survivors and the great and good looking ashen faced as they stare their immediate political fate in the eyes.

I hope beyond hope that all the big three get an absolute savaging, it is a pity that it won't be the troughers in Westminster getting the gooner, but I look at this as the wonderful starter in what promises to be a feast fit for a monarch, the main course won't be far behind. Going off on a tangent for a moment, I noted with interest yesterday that The Sun was leading with a story detailing the gravy in Brussels, well done for catching up lads, keep it up.

As I said, this is just the starter. The Tories and Lib Dems will have performances that would result in much shuffling about and self-conscious staring at feet, but it will be nothing compared to the complete mauling that promises to engulf Labour. Let's deal with one target at a time, and Labour are squarely in my sights.

Although I do not trust nor particularly like the Tories or Lib Dems, I downright hate Labour, and here is why. In 1997 I was 21 years old, and although I didn't buy into the hysteria, I was well aware that changes had to happen, the Major government was a disaster, full of relics who had grown complacent with the feeling that they had a right to prosecute their own personal agenda to the very end. They had to go.

I never felt that Labour would be different, but at least it wasn't the lot in power. Initial satisfaction that the Tories had gone was tempered with the nagging voice in the back of my mind saying 'That's a very big majority they've got there, Wolfers'. Satisfaction turned into unease, going through suspicion, resentment and anger before settling into outright hatred.

Those last 12 years have sold my generation down the river in grand style, we have been lied to, stolen from, measured, controlled and insulted in equal measure. The day of reckoning is at hand and every generation is absolutely furious that this government has proved to be as self serving, if not more self-serving, than the one that went before.

There comes a point for the lobby fodder where this doesn't become a question of losing power, I think they are resigned to that fact, the point now is that people on healthy majorities are looking at losing their jobs. Bugger party loyalty, these boys and girls can see their livings being taken from them, if the rank and file backbenchers feel that they'll be trying to get jobs elsewhere after an election next year, then Brown will be out faster than a round from an AK47. I can't see how Parliament, let alone the public, could be expected to wear a third PM in a single term.

Thursday night next week will be bad news for Labour, if it is really, really bad (and God do I hope that it is), I don't see how Brown can hope to hang on to his position. Let's hope that when the inveitable happens, people don't take so long to realise that they've made a like for like substitution.


InfoWarrior said...

All so true and I will be up with a few cans of Lager giggling like a schoolgirl.

Henry North London said...

I shall be sleeping Bugger them Im not losing sleep for this