Sunday, 3 May 2009

The One That Says It Is The Very Definition Of Optimism. . .

The government is seeking to rent a private jet for the use of Foreign Secretary David Miliband.
You see he's very important, he can't possibly slum it with us proles, he might get pork flu, or even worse, get the snot beaten out of him by a hateful public, even though:

the ministerial code states that scheduled flights should be used unless deemed impractical.

That isn't going to be cheap. How are they going to organise this?

A tender for the hire of a charter aircraft was issued in February and will last two years, it is understood.

Two years? Errrm, David, the expenses review is out in July, I wouldn't even bank on this government being around in two months, let alone two years, and there must be an election next year. I'll let you in to a little secret, David; you ain't gonna win it. I'm sure whoever the Tory Foreign Sec. will be is going to enjoy using it very much.

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