Monday, 2 March 2009

The One That Will Not Be Going On A Booze Cruise. . .

. . . to Berwick upon Tweed.

Thankfully I do not live in the only country in Europe planning to introduce a regime to set a minimum price for a unit* of alcohol.

The SNP must HATE being in power to introduce a policy such as this. Another example of authoritarian fuckwittery. Poor old Scots, at least in England we only have 3 parties of authoritarian fuckwittery, those unfortunate bastards have 4.

I look forward to seeing Customs detection officers stood on the Anglo-Scottish border. 'And where have ye bin, sonny? Doon to England fer tha' cheap booze? Open the boot up. Hey, Wullie, c'mon and see all this booze!'

Good Lord, how to ensure a 'Summer of Rage' north of the border. Leg Iron quite rightly says that if we don't riot, Labour will be swept out office at the next election. If we do riot, there will be no election.

The SNP have the Scottish Parliament, Labour have a lot to lose north of the border in a Westminster election, a few riots, Civil Contingencies Act kicks in, no elections, SNP and Labour win. Be careful Scotland, be very careful, don't raise to the bait.

Of course, ALL Jocks are terrible alcoholics, so they'll all react like Father Jack. We've had it, Brown will clamp down on us, suspend 'democracy' and all because some Gorbals tramp sees the cost of a bottle Buckfast go up.

*That's the same 'unit' that was revealed to be a measurement with no more grounding in science than the creator's imagination.


Andromeda said...

Followed you here from the Tom Harris blog.

has a few recommendations inviting your comments about what to do about single mums.

(a) deprive a single mother of child benefit if she cannot produce a marriage certificate
(b) fine the single mother for producing an illegitimate baby, say £1000, if she does not name the father
(c) require her parent(s) to pay this sum if she cannot or will not
(d) fine the father of an illegitimate child a sum of money, say £1000
(e) require the parent(s) of that father to pay this sum if he cannot pay it himself
(f) require that the mother give up the child for adoption before more lives are ruined

Snowolf said...

Interesting, I'll address this in a new post.