Tuesday, 31 March 2009

The One That Says 'Mind Your Own Bloody Business'. . .

The latest in health and lifestyle choice advice centres, earlier today.

Some people I could quite happily hit in the face with a frying pan, in a 'Bottom' style. The repeated clang and manic Ade Edmonson grin would be most theraputic.

Pravda South East was leading with this story tonight:

Caroline Williams was 23 weeks pregnant with her second child when she was asked to leave the Sussex Cricketers pub in Hove, East Sussex last Saturday.

The 26-year-old hairdresser said she felt humiliated and accused the pub staff of acting like "drink police."

"I was on a rare night out with some friends. I had a pint of lager and a friend offered to get me another half – that was going to be my limit.

"He was refused service because it was for me. When I later took a sip from another friend's glass, the assistant manageress asked me and my friends to leave.

It is perhaps not surprising that the assistant manager stands by her decision, she obviously knows what is best for everyone else, and her beliefs must take precedence over those of all others.

A pub spokeswoman said Mrs Williams, "a heavily pregnant lady who was drinking alcohol", and her friends had been asked to leave because the assistant manager was concerned.

Ahhh, ain't that nice? You go out for a drink and the people you pay to serve you beer take such a concern for your wellbeing that they then tell you to do one.

Liberties, as spoken of yesterday; The proprietors are well within their rights to decide who may and may not patronise their establishment. Those patrons are well within their rights to walk right past this pub in Hove, and to go and spend their money somewhere else.

With so many pubs closing each week, you'd have thought that the managers of The Sussex Cricketer would have been keen to have held on to as many customers as possible.

When the Righteous are in official positions it is difficult to do much about them, directly. When they are in private enterprise, you just take your cash elsewhere. I hope this party and many others do.

What a lackwit this manager is, not only sanctimonious and hectoring, but also lacking any business acumen. Their future doesn't look great, does it?

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