Wednesday, 11 March 2009

The One That Wants To Know What It Is He Is Supposed To Have Done. . .

Reports all over the local media yesterday and this morning that LimpDem Councillor on Canterbury City Council, Roger Matthews has been arrested following an 'anti-corruption probe' by Kent Police and subsequently charged and bailed to appear before Maidstone magistrates on March 26th. I look forward to the outcome with relish, hopefully he'll be remanded in custody before appearing in Crown Court.

The thing is, that neither Pravda nor the local media, actually detail what it is he is supposed to have done. Well why is this? Any other case with local or national interest would carry details of the allegations, so why is it different here?

In this article, he gives a direct quote:

"I cannot see why it would affect my day-to-day council duties.

"I don't see why it should."

And that, dear reader, is what is wrong with the political class in this country. If a policeman were charged with armed robbery, would you expect him to continue in his job whilst awaiting a trial? What if a teacher were accused of doing inappropriate things to his charges, would the line 'I cannot see why it would affect my day-to-day teaching duties' hold any water? I don't think so.

It is all very well Alex 'Porky' Perkins (a worse example of LimpDem simpering, holier-than-thou, preachyness it is hard to imagine) saying that 'we would urge people to remember that in this country you are innocent until proven guilty.' But I would expect to be suspended from duty at least if I found myself in this sort of pickle. It would happen in pretty much any other job from brain surgeon to road sweeper, so again, why is it different here?

If the arrogant and (alleged) corrupt old bastard won't do the decent thing and step back until what is bound to be portrayed as an 'honest mistake' or 'a moment of madness/weakness' is cleared up, then his party could at least withdraw the whip. Unfortunatley the anger on the inside in this case is not directed towards Matthews for doing whatever it is he is supposed to have done. Only a slither will be directed at him for getting caught doing whatever it is he is supposed to have done. A little bit more will be directed to the media for reporting it. Most of the anger will be reserved for Joe Soap for daring to ask what is going on here.

As far as they are concerned, they are our masters. I've said it a number of times, don't vote for the Big 3, vote for anyone, anyone other than these people who belittle us, cheat us, lie to us, use us as chattels and serfs, feather their own nests at our expense and show us nothing but total and complete contempt.

Vote Libertarian, vote for the Indie who wants a hedgehog underpass, vote UKIP, vote Natural Law Party, hell even vote BNP if you feel you must. Just make sure that these venal fuckers know that you're screaming 'I'M AS MAD AS HELL, AND I'M NOT GOING TO TAKE THIS ANYMORE.'


Anonymous said...

It could be that the local media want to ensure they don't do anything that may prevent him being handed more than just a slap on the wrists.

And this may give you some more of an idea:

Although not disclosing the exact allegation he faces, self-employed property manager Matthews confirmed it relates to his time on the planning committee.

He said: "I have never favoured anyone in a planning decision and never would.

"Some people may not be happy with some decision and that's when they start stirring the mud - and mud sticks.

"I'm not a dishonest man. I may bend at times, but I'm not dishonest.

"Loads of people have been interviewed by police, both councillors and former councillors.

"I haven't kept a low-profile . When you start sticking your head above the council parapet people start shooting at you.

"There are 15 or so members on the planning committee so I don't see how one man's vote or views can affect a decision. To the police I'm just a feather in their cap."

Anonymous said...

Very "Libertarian" of you "Snowolf" to write under an assumed name and hide your identity while slagging off others. That makes you an inadequate little tosser not a class-warrior you ignorant puerile little wanker. Check the facts. Matthews WAS suspended from all his duties the very same day he was charged. Snowolf? What kind of name chicken-shit name is that? I bet you thought of that while doing your paper round!

From Sleetferret