Friday, 13 March 2009

The One That LOVES Red Nose Day. . .

It's great, I had cause to walk into town to post a letter. Normally I would have gone to the Post Office, but in Canterbury, despite the fact it was always full of people, it has closed so I had to go to WHShits instead.

I make it a policy not to deviate from the route in and the route out, not a second's browsing takes place.

Anyhow, enough of the deviation from the subject in hand. The town was full of people wearing red noses and doing kerrrrrazzeee things like wearing odd socks and big red afro wigs, it was HILARIOUS!


Also some bastard from a carpet cleaning firm keeps calling my mobile, I've got a dirty great hairy dog and laminate flooring. He can fuck off. If he calls again, I'll tell him I'll find out where he lives and set fire to his kids.

For charidee.


Tim said...

I hate this kind of charity, like Red Nose Day. Real charity is a spontaneous, self-less act. But these days, people only care about dead black kids in Africa as long as they get to see their fucking favourite pop stars in Hyde Park for free. If people want to give to charity, they should just give it, and shouldn't expect anything in return. Full stop.

PS: And actually, if you examine the role international aid plays in Africa, one finds that perhaps it is doing more harm than good. And don't get me started on fucking Bono. He called Chris Martin (Coldplay) a "cretin" and a "wanker". I have two words: pot, kettle.

Snowolf said...

Bono, Geldof, Martin, Sumner (Sting, give me a bloody break), Lennox the whole lot of them.

Martin aside (Bono's comments are hard to disagree with) how old are they now? There can't be one of them under 50, yet they parade themselves round as spokesmen for the 'youth'.

Bunch of sanctimonious arsewipes. Someone in the blogosphere said recently that they want a New World Order, with them at the top.

Why? Because they sold some records in the 80's?


Call me Infidel said...

Annie Lennox claimed on R2 recently that Gordo told her she was a "national treasure" so that's her career ended (hopefully). Don't get me started on Boner either.