Saturday, 21 March 2009

The One That Hates To Agree With Them . . .

The BNP really are starting to emerge (as one correspondent, I think at OH's place, put it) from being a big little party, to a little big party. It gives me no pleasure to say it, but I shall resist the dog whistle reaction and attempt to address the issue in an emotionally detached manner.

In one respect, that being our departure from the EU, I agree with the BNP. I do not think I agree with them on any other subject.

Pravda report that there is an anti-BNP rally being planned in the delightful Kentish town of Chatham, it seems to be an attempt to shame people into not voting BNP. That is bad campaigning, I want to know why I should vote for a party, not that party saying why I shouldn't vote for their competitors.

A BNP spokesman said the rally was run by "Labour front" groups trying to "pull the wool over people's eyes". And it's hard not to agree with him. I had a conversation on this subject with a young lady this afternoon. She reacted with horror when I said I wanted us to leave the EU. In her mind, I was shutting the doors to the world, no trade in, no trade out, no-one moving between the UK and anywhere else.

That simply isn't the case, but the big 3 and MSM condition you to think that if you aren't pro-EU you are a rabid racist/isolationist.

I put my point of view in fairly simplistic, but effective terms. Knowing she doesn't drink it, I offered the young lady a cup of coffee. She said she didn't want a cup of coffee. I them immediately set about brow-beating her for being a drunkard, drinking nothing but vodka and getting pissed up all the time.

She quite reasonably pointed out that she'd like a cup of tea. Of course it doesn't follow that if you don't like coffee you drink your weight in vodka every day, there are alternatives. Well, the EU is that cup of coffee I don't want. I'll settle for a cup of tea as well.

Pravda also report that Merseyside PC, Steve Bettley has been given the gooner following his name being discovered on the infamous BNP member list that was leaked a little while ago. I disagree with police officers being prohibited from membership of any party, but believe that all police officers should check their political affiliations at the door when they walk into the station. It's a shame that senior officers can't do this. But it was ever thus, one rule for us, one for them.

Bettley has denied being a member (well, he would, wouldn't he?), and the BNP has waded in, with spokesman Simon Darby saying 'We are well on the way to being a totalitarian state.'

Well, yes. Labour, Tories, LibDems are bad. Think the BNP would be any different? Not for one moment.

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