Thursday, 12 March 2009

The One That Is Hurling Abuse. . .

Dr. David Walker, he's a prick.

Thankfully, a load of other Scottish doctors think he's a prick as well.

Increased tax on chocolate? Give me strength. The duty on cigarettes has gone up pretty much every year since, I don't know, anyone? A bloody long time. But people still buy them.

Listen you stupid bastards, if people want to eat chocolate, that's their business. If people eat so much chocolate passing hippos make amorous advances towards them, that's their look out. Keep your nose out of my fucking business, and your hands out of my fucking wallet. We've got to lose this obsession with taking money off people because they do something that perhaps you don't think is very wise.

Right, I'm off to write a letter to my MP suggesting that doctors have too much time on their hands for the money they get, and that perhaps if they were taxed every time they opened their mouths and said something bloody stupid, fatuous or demonstrated that they know better than everyone on every subject (A disturbingly common trait in doctors, and teachers.) then they wouldn't do it so often.

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