Wednesday, 28 January 2009

The One That Wants Everyone To Wake Up . . .

Look, I don't care if you agree with me, or disagree with me, but at least take the time to see what is going on. Please?

Obo points out in this post that whilst the majority of the print media leads with the IMF saying we are in real trouble, the main media and news outlet in the country puts up the feeble 'World growth worst for 60 years.' Where is the much trumpeted 'impartiality' that they've trotted out over the last few days about the Palestine appeal?

Guthrum, guesting at Old Holborn's place shows that there is civil unrest in Lithuania and reports (correctly) that there is just short of a general strike in France tomorrow due to the financial mismanagement of their affairs. Putin is coming under pressure in Russia.

Meanwhile there are millions on the move in China, its young economy reeling from the blows, demonstrators in Iceland bringing down the government, questions starting to be asked in Ireland about their continued membership of the Euro, things still not roses and love in Greece.

We have a Prime Minister who declares that he's saved the world whilst his colleagues back away with rictus grins on their faces. Nationalised banks handing out bonuses to staff who have overseen their demise. Most of the banks taking a huge amount of taxpayers' money, and then taking a staggering amount of taxpayers' money, meaning that each individual taxpayer is in debt to the tune of tens of thousands of pounds. Car companies being given over £2bn in public funds and then the government says they'll consider subsidising car workers' wages. Announcements that £300m has still been found to hand over to the victims and perpetrators of the 'troubles' in Ulster.

This isn't financial planning, it's a fire sale.

What do we do? We watch Coronation Street and 'Celebrity' Arseing Big Sodding Brother.

For crying out loud people. Take the time, do the digging. Make your own mind up. It doesn't matter what I think. It doesn't matter what the BBC, the Sun, Heat magazine or Horse and bloody Hound magazine think. It doesn't matter what the Prime Minister thinks, it matters what you think, so please, please, please form your own opinion, won't you?

. . . and some fell on stoney ground. . .

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The Filthy Engineer said...

I've made my mind up, and it involves lamposts and piano wire.

I'm irritating the shit out of my MP. mind you he is a pompous old twit that has been in the commons too long. I won't be voting for him unless he does something for once in his career, and he knows it.