Wednesday, 7 January 2009

The One That Is Saying 'Oh Give Me A Break'. . .

We are now being told that third hand smoke will kill us all.

I'm sure this is backed up by really robust scientific proof that is funded by independent parties.

I'm going to sue some bloke in Australia because he's had a ciggie whilst looking at a picture of Canterbury, and the bastard's given me cancer.

I'll bet that binge drinking causes earthquakes.

Oh give me a break, won't you?

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Dad Mzungu said...

My 7 cousins and I all lived with parents who smoked. We are now in our fifties and in rude health.
So why can't today's kids survive 2nd or 3rd-hand smoke?
Methinks it is something other than cigarette smoke that is causing the asthma, and other frequent ailments in today's kids.