Tuesday, 6 January 2009

The One That Is Uneasy. . .

I suppose that now means we're a proper political party, having suffered our own little version of the night of the long knives.

I've been watching for a few days open-mouthed at the shit storm about differences of opinon (mainly DK's and OH's) over the annual fireworks display in Israel/Palestine/Judea/God awful patch of dirt which isn't worth fighting over. My views are quite clear as you will see below. Arguing over who is at fault for this particular little party in Gaza is like arguing who is at fault for the sea being wet or the sky being blue. It doesn't really matter, the sea was always wet, the sky will always be blue and there's sod all anyone can really do about it. It is just the way it is and I for one am well out of it.

Has Obo crossed the line? Perhaps.
Is OH making a meal of it? Maybe.
Is it all a bit undignified? Without question. The whole situation reminds me of sanctimonious students railing against the latest injustice befalling the citizens of Kraplakistan, Umbongoland or wherever. It is very easy to change the world over a pint of snakebite and black, or to start a revolution from your subsidised train seat, it's just that everyone thinks you look a bit of a cunt.

What saddens me is that the three protagonists in this are three individuals I enjoy reading and have a good deal of respect for. I just hope this turns out to be a storm in a teacup because we should be better than this, let's just keep our energy and bile for situations we can influence, rather than those we cannot.

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