Saturday, 31 January 2009

The One That Bets He Regrets Opening His Mouth. . .

Gordon Brown shouldn't have said it. When he stood up at the Labour conference in '07 and said 'UK jobs for British workers' he may well have said 'I'll make sure everyone gets a spanking new Aston Martin, delivered to their door, by Christmas.' There was no way in the world he was going to able to deliver on that. The law just wouldn't allow it.

He's compounded the crime by saying yesterday that he stands by the comment. Gordon, this is madness, sheer madness. Why on Earth would you say that? You cannot do it, it is as simple as that. Telling a lie often enough doesn't make it true.

John Cruddas has come the closest to pointing at the elephant in the room when he called for Ed Miliband to 'address the underlying cause of the resentment.' Well the underlying cause is the Treaty of Rome which means that any EU citizen can go to work and live in any EU country, and there's only one way we can get out of the Treaty of Rome, isn't there kids?

Oh, hang on. No he isn't that close at all.

He told the BBC;
'It's the employers in these instances which are culpable and we need to confront some of them who are notorious in this sector.'

Well, John, no it isn't the employers. How do you confront an employer who perfectly legally employs members of staff? These aren't illegal workers, there is no requirement to employ local workers before looking abroad. They've done nothing wrong. They are following the legislation set down by the European Union that all three parties are convinced is vitally important to our economic security.

Well, now it's costing people their jobs. And there's only one thing you can do about it. You won't do it, though.

A big black eye to the woeful Robert Peston on BBC Radio 5 Live yesterday evening. When pressed about this matter (he was reporting from Davos) he started blathering on about how protectionism is a bad thing, how we can't pull the trade shutters down and how it made the Depression worse. Well who was talking about protectionism Robert? Or was this policy to avoid pointing out that under the EU we have absolutely no control over this at all?

Next will be the attempts to shame the people protesting at all these sites over the country. You watch, it'll not be long before these protestors will be labelled as racists. The ugly spectre of xenophobia will raise its head, comparisons will be drawn between depression era Germany and the treatment of the Jews. These people are close to pointing out the obvious about the EU, which has escaped most people, and must therefore be silenced.

The CAP has been shown to be a disaster, the Common Fisheries has devastated fish stocks, all this has gone largely unnoticed by the electorate, it doesn't affect many people, now people have realised that the EU is costing them jobs.

The thing is, they're going after the wrong person. It isn't Brown's fault. He didn't sign us up to the EU, his signature isn't on the Treaty of Rome, even though it is on the Lisbon Treaty. Really, there's nothing he can do.

If these protests continue (they won't, it'll die down in a few days) it would be interesting to see what Labour wanted more; power or membership of their little Trot club. If any of the big three came out tomorrow and said 'Right, this jobs thing, it's all down to the EU. If we get into power, we'll hold a referendum, not on Lisbon, but on the whole show.' I'm willing to bet their share of the ballot would head upwards in huge style.

They won't. Divorce ourselves from Brussels and they'd have to do something approaching governnment, rather than banning drinks promotions and 'What Shall We Do With The Drunken Sailor.'

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The Refuser said...

From the Times yesterday Jon Cruddas, the Labour MP for Dagenham, urged ministers to act urgently to take the race issue out of the jobs market.

So already the race card has been produced. Though I am somewhat bemused as I thought Italy and Portugal were a countries. Now it seems they are also racial groups.

It's quite amusing to see Brown hoist by his own petard, but I find it disturbing to see how ignorant most people are to the true problem behind this "our friends the EU."