Monday, 19 January 2009

The One That Is Waiting For The Car Crash. . .

Oh dear. He's back.

Proof if proof were need be that the Tories are only interested in beating Labour, rather than actually standing for anything. Can anybody explain why Clarke didn't join the LimpDems years ago? He fits in perfectly, pro-Europe, will pontificate with the best of them and has absolutely no chance of being a leader.

Obviously the re-appointment of Mandlesnake has Tory central office worried and they have wheeled old Ken forwards in the hope that their vicious authoritarian fuckwit trumps Labour's vicious authoritarian fuckwit.

Watch the sparks fly if the Tories win the next election and this EUrophile then battles with the party's traditionally EUropsceptic constituency. History repeats itself again.

The more the current situation continues, the more convinced I am that we're due a series of one term governments, all with the narrowest majorities. I wonder if anyone will think of looking beyond the big three. Now is the time to be making hay.

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